Are you trying to decide what kind of fence you should get for your new backyard? Maybe you’ve read up on the different kinds of fencing options but still aren’t sure which would work best for your home. At GMX Fencing, we provide a wide selection of fencing options for customers who want a quality and affordable fence. GMX Fencing is available for those seeking dependable fence contractors in Jackson, New Jersey. Our wood fencing is popular among many homeowners. Here are three reasons why you should consider one: Aesthetics One of the primary reasons to consider a wooden fence … Read More

Are you considering a new fence for your property?  Maybe you decided that you’d like to have a wooden fence installed.  If so, you’ll be pleased to find out that wooden fences have many benefits. At GMX Fencing, we sell a variety of fences for homeowners that want a durable and beautiful fence.  Wooden fences are also a great choice for customers who want a classic, clean looking fencing wrapped around their home! Wood fences are so popular, and it’s mainly because they come in so many styles.  For example, you can choose from red cedar or cypress for their … Read More

There are a variety of fences on the market and choosing the right one is important. Most people want a fence that combines great looks with time-tested durability. With an aluminum fence you get just that. Aluminum fencing is a beautiful option for those who want a reliable fence that withstands the elements and requires little maintenance. Whether your fence is needed for a residential, commercial, or industrial space, GMX Fencing can provide you with one that’s perfect for your unique needs. Aluminum fencing is strong and it doesn’t need much maintenance. If you’re looking for an aluminum fence, then … Read More

Are you thinking about completing a fence installation this spring?  You might want to reconsider your start date because the fall and the winter make great seasons for fence installation projects.  There are actually several benefits to installing a fence in the fall or winter, and at GMX Fencing, we can help you decide which season will work best for your particular needs.  As you might already know, most fencing contractors are busiest during the spring and summer seasons.  Yet, many fencing contractors offer great discounts and even upgrades when customers choose to have a project completed in the fall … Read More

PVC vinyl fencing was introduced in the early 1980’s. This kind of fencing was primarily targeted to ranchers and farmers who wanted a low-maintenance, reliable fencing option for their animals. Nowadays, PVC vinyl fencing has gained popularity for the same reasons. When it comes to a durable fencing solution that won’t break the bank, PVC vinyl fencing is an excellent option. At GMX Fencing we help customers find the right fencing choices for their individual needs. Some of the pros of PVC vinyl fencing are listed below. For customers looking for PVC fence installers that serve Howell, New Jersey, GMX … Read More

Are you wondering if it’s time to breakdown and buy a new fence? Maybe you’ve had your fence for several years now, and you suspect that it’s time for a replacement. A good quality fence will last approximately two decades, but if your fence is made of metal materials, then there’s a chance that it can last even longer. Time, however, eventually wears down even the most solid fence, no matter what material it is made out of. GMX Fencing recommends looking for these three signs to let you know that it’s time for a new fence. 1. Broken or … Read More

If you’ve just had a fence installed, then you want to keep it looking beautiful. At GMX Fencing, we understand that you want to keep your fence looking great, even against the demands that it might face. We can help you keep your new fence looking amazing, with a just a few simple tips that are easy to implement. At GMX Fencing, customer care is our priority, so we are always willing to help you find the best ways to keep your fence in excellent shape! 1. Have your fence stained or painted. Most homeowners like to paint their new … Read More

Fences have a multitude of purposes. Some are used for expressing boundaries between properties, while others are used for protecting pets and children. Some fences are used for decorative purposes, and others are used solely for utilitarian means. If you’re getting ready to choose a fence for your home, there are many factors to consider that will help you find the right fence for your needs. At GMX Fencing, we can help you figure out what to choose, without “fencing you in” with exorbitant service fees. Ask yourself these four questions to help you choose the fence that’s right for … Read More

As you and your family spend more and more time outside enjoying the summer weather, many parents find that their children tend to wander outside of the boundaries of their yards. Children, especially toddlers, can be at increased list for injuries in the summertime. As fence contractors that serve Freehold, NJ we are seeing more and more parents installing fences in their yards for the sake of their children. Young children may not always understand that the world is not a completely safe place. They tend to wander off without their parents at will. Even if you are diligently watching … Read More

GMX Fencing provides top-of-the-line vinyl fence installation in and around Toms River, NJ. Vinyl fences are increasingly popular due to their weather resistance and durability. Therefore, they require minimal upkeep, especially when compared to wood or steel chain fences. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything to keep it looking brand new – they aren’t invincible! Believe it or not, there are wrong ways to clean your fence, so follow these guidelines to make sure it looks pristine: In most cases, a good old fashioned water hose is enough to clean your vinyl fence effectively. Any dirt … Read More

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