3 Reasons Why You Should Install a New Pool Fence This Summer

You know that a wooden picket fence can give your yard a classic American aesthetic and you know that a vinyl fence installation in Freehold, NJ can offer a low-maintenance way to keep your property protected from strangers. But did you know that installing a new aluminum pool fence can benefit you and your family as well? Read on to learn about three of the many benefits that a new pool fence can bring to your home this summer season!

  • Pool fences are required by law.

    Did you know that if a toddler wanders onto your property and injures him or herself in your pool, you may be held responsible — even if you weren’t home and didn’t invite anyone over? It’s true! New Jersey’s attractive nuisance doctrine states that property owners who don’t take precautions to prevent injuries if they have something on their property that’s likely to attract small children, like a pool or trampoline. You can mitigate your liability by installing a sturdy, tall fence around your pool.

  • Pool fences help to keep your family safe.

    Pool fences are also essential for the safety of your own family as well — especially if you have a child in your family who doesn’t know how to swim. A pool fence protects pets, children, and stray animals from falling into your pool and drowning.

  • Pool fences can add beauty to your yard.

    Some homeowners assume that adding a pool fence to their yard will distract from their beautiful garden or freshly-trimmed shrubbery. However, the right pool fence can accentuate your yard’s design while also keeping your family safe. The team at GMX Fencing offers a wide range of fencing styles and materials, from classic and affordable aluminum fencing to a customizable and sturdy vinyl fence in Howell, NJ.

Does your pool fencing need an upgrade before summer? Let GMX Fencing handle the job the right way! Give us a call today at 732-410-6698 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.