5 Tips For Late Summer and Early Fall Yard Care

From backyard barbecuing to warm-weather dips in the pool, your lawn has seen a lot of activity this summer. As the temperatures finally begin to cool down, now is the time to say goodbye to outdoor fun and prepare your yard for the fall season ahead. Use these five essential tips to get your backyard ready for the cooler months ahead.

Mow Safer

You probably already know that regular mowing keeps your grass growing healthily and looking great. However, before winter, you should take care to make sure that your grass roots have enough space to grow and store nutrients before the winter frosts arrive. Switch your mower blades to three inches or higher to promote healthy roots ahead of fall and winter.

Clear Out the Toys

Toys left out in your yard can cause dead patches of grass to flourish. Take some time to make sure that all toys are put away at the end of each day before fall.

Enrich Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs often need a little extra protection on their roots when the weather starts to get colder. Start shopping for protective mulching and fertilizer now to prepare your favorite plants for the cooler weather that’s coming.

Know When to Close Your Pool

Closing your pool at the right time extends the life of your lining and makes sure that it’ll be ready for another season of fun next year. Watch the temperature in your area and be prepared to close your pool when daily temperatures drop below 60 degrees.  

Check Your Fencing

Vacations, parties, and time away from home can cause you to overlook damage to your vinyl fence in Jackson, NJ. Take a walk around your property before fall and make sure that your fencing is still in good condition. If you notice a hole or missing panel, call for fencing repair before cold weather arrives.

Fencing installation in Howell, NJ from GMX Fencing can help you keep your property protected year-round. Give our team a call today at 732-410-6698 to learn more about how aluminum, vinyl, or chain link fencing can improve the look and safety of your home!  


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