5 Tips For Protecting Your Property During Holiday Travel

One of the best parts of the holiday season is packing up the car and visiting friends and family members. But when you leave home, are you taking steps to secure your property? Use these five easy tips to give yourself peace of mind when you travel this winter!


  • Lock down your social media accounts. Advertising your holiday vacation may get you a ton of likes, but it also gives thieves a clear indication that you won’t be home. Remove your address from your social media profile and keep a low profile online until you return home.


  • Don’t abandon your scheduled appointments. Do you regularly have a neighbor walk your dog, a maid tidy your home, or a gardener touch up your lawn? Keep these appointments while you’re gone because thieves who are scoping out your home will be deterred if they see people frequently entering and exiting your home.


  • Temporarily place a hold on your mail delivery. A mailbox stuffed with newspapers or a front door with piles of Amazon packages is a dead giveaway that your family is away. Call your local post office and request a temporary hold on your mail delivery until you return.


  • Get rid of the key rock. You may think that a key rock or other hidden key is obscured from thieves, but these criminals may be crafty—and persistent—when searching. Entrust a local family member or neighbor you trust with your spare key.


  • Lock up all valuables. The most experienced burglars know that the bedroom is the first stop when searching for valuables. Small safes can be purchased at nearly any superstore and can stop thieves from gaining access to your cash and small valuables in the event of a break in. If you can’t afford a safe right now, move your valuables out of the bedroom and into an obscure hiding place, like a container in the laundry room or bathroom.

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