7 Myths About Chain Link Fences Debunked

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If you’re researching different fencing options for your residential or commercial property, you’ve likely considered the pros and cons of chain link fences. However, some people dismiss chain link fences before learning more about them. There are many myths surrounding chain link fencing that hold property and business owners back from relying on this efficient and affordable type of fence. Read on to learn about the most common chain link fence myths — and the actual chain link fence facts — that our fence contractors in Freehold, NJ, have discovered over the years.

Myth #1: Chain Link Fences Are Prone to Rust 

Whether you’re worried about anything from property aesthetics to fence strength, you’re likely interested in making sure your fence doesn’t rust. One of the most common myths surrounding chain link fencing is that it will automatically rust over the years. In fact, this is untrue. Modern chain link fences are treated with chemicals that inhibit rust, so properly cared-for chain link fences can go decades without showing any signs of rust.

Myth #2: Chain Link Fences Are Noisy

One of the other myths about chain link fences that tends to turn people off is that they are supposedly noisy. If your area gets a lot of high wind or frequent foot traffic, you might be worried about the constant rattling you imagine can come from chain link fencing. However, this noisiness is mostly a myth. Chain link fences that have been installed by reputable chain link fencing services professionals are secured to their posts and don’t make much noise. In addition, heavy-duty wire can be wound through chain link fences in windy areas to truly ensure they don’t rattle or clang.

Myth #3: Chain Link Fencing Is Unsightly

No matter if you’re looking to install a residential or commercial fence, its visual appeal likely matters to you quite a lot. Some people assume that chain link fences are always unattractive, boring, or plain. While chain link fencing may not provide the same “traditional look” as wood fencing, you shouldn’t dismiss it as unsightly. As a matter of fact, chain link fences can be painted with various colors and finishes or decorated in endless creative ways. 

Myth #4: Chain Link Fences Are High Maintenance

Some people assume that chain link fences are more high-maintenance than wooden or vinyl fences. Without knowing much about the topic, it’s easy to assume this. However, wooden and vinyl fences require more maintenance than chain link fences. Wooden fences must be repainted or re-stained every few years and frequently monitored for mold and mildew. Vinyl fences should be hosed down with a pressure washer every few months and regularly inspected for holes and cracks. Compared to these higher-maintenance fencing options, chain link fences are virtually maintenance-free!

Myth #5: Chain Link Fences Are Difficult to Repair

After you’ve just had a new fence installed, the last thing you want is to have to call the fence company back out to the job site to perform repairs. And the only thing worse than regular repairs are the kinds of repairs that require taking apart the entire fence and rebuilding it. That’s money you definitely don’t want to spend. We have found that another one of the most common chain link fence myths is that chain link fence repair is difficult. This is actually untrue. Chain link fences can be repaired in sections or patched quickly, simply, and affordably without compromising property security.

Myth #6: Chain Link Fencing Is Ineffective

Many home and business owners are concerned about keeping their property safe and secure from attempted theft or vandalism. This is a valid concern and should be mentioned when considering fencing installation options. However, it’s a myth that chain link fences are easy to climb or offer poor security for your property. Chain link fences can actually be made more difficult to breach with the addition of barbed wire, security bars, and other features that are much more complicated to install on other types of fencing. Chain link fences can also be built higher than other kinds of fencing because they don’t just rely on the ground as support; instead, the intertwined links help hold up the weight of each frame. 

Myth #7: Chain Link Fences Are Expensive

One of the final chain link fence myths our fence contractors hear regularly is that chain link fences are expensive. While it’s true that fencing in more property will cost more as the amount of fencing material required increases, chain link fencing is not significantly more expensive than wood or vinyl fencing in most circumstances. Sometimes, it might be the more affordable choice, depending on your needs.

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