If you’re considering investing in fencing installation in Jackson, NJ, you’ve probably put plenty of thought into the type of fencing you need. Chain link fencing is growing in popularity across New Jersey, especially for larger properties. But is a chain link fence right for you? First, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of chain link fencing.

From backyard barbecuing to warm-weather dips in the pool, your lawn has seen a lot of activity this summer. As the temperatures finally begin to cool down, now is the time to say goodbye to outdoor fun and prepare your yard for the fall season ahead. Use these five essential tips to get your backyard ready for the cooler months ahead.

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to make sure that your backyard is a safe place for kids, pets, and visitors to enjoy. Unfortunately, there’s one group of uninvited guests that may also want to spend some time in your backyard — wild animals!

Did you know that burglaries increase in the summer? It’s true—according to data from the FBI, burglaries spike during the warmer months. Taking steps to protect your property ahead of summer can help you rest with a peace of mind. Use these five tips to help improve your home security ahead of the summer season:

When homeowners decide to invest in residential fencing, one of the first things that they think about is their fencing type. Some homeowners choose chain-link fencing because they’re mainly concerned about price—others schedule a vinyl fence installation in Jackson, NJ, because they want fencing that’s colorful and low-maintenance. Aluminum fencing is affordable, safe, and perfect for pools. However, many homeowners are concerned about their beautiful aluminum fence becoming covered in rust after the first spring rain. No one wants to think about their fence rusting. Rust doesn’t just look bad—it also destroys the metal itself, slowly eating away at the … Read More

You know that a wooden picket fence can give your yard a classic American aesthetic and you know that a vinyl fence installation in Freehold, NJ can offer a low-maintenance way to keep your property protected from strangers. But did you know that installing a new aluminum pool fence can benefit you and your family as well? Read on to learn about three of the many benefits that a new pool fence can bring to your home this summer season!

Forget vinyl bathroom tiling and vinyl leather—today’s vinyl is one of the country’s top choices for fencing! If you’re hesitant about scheduling your vinyl fencing installation in Freehold, NJ, you should know about these top four benefits that vinyl fence owners love.

Many homeowners believe that they only need fencing if they have a pool or other attractive nuisance that legally requires them to fence in their property. However, fencing companies that serve Howell, NJ, like GMX Fencing, know firsthand that the benefits of new fencing go far beyond safety. Some other benefits of home fencing include:

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that they can be held liable if a trespasser is injured while on their property without consent. If you have a home with a pool or a trampoline, you can be sued under an ordinance called the “attractive nuisance doctrine” if a child stumbles onto your property and is injured. The attractive nuisance doctrine is an element of tort law that states that a home or property owner may be held legally responsible for any injuries that a child incurs on their property, if it can be assumed that the child was drawn to … Read More

If you’ve ever lived through a winter in New Jersey before, you already know that the Garden State receives a hearty dusting of snow every year between the months of December and February. Fencing companies in Howell, NJ, know that there are a few steps that homeowners will want to take during the colder months to help extend the life of their fencing. Different fencing materials require different types of care. So, read on to learn about how you can protect your home’s fencing from the harsh winds and blizzards of winter. Aluminum. Did you know that aluminum doesn’t rust? … Read More

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