Fencing in Your Yard for a Dog

dog in fenced in yard

Does having a spot where your favorite canine companion can run freely, roll in the grass, nap under the shade tree, and chase after whatever neighborhood cat dares wander by sound too doggone good to be true? You can get all this and more for your pooch if you opt for a fenced-in yard. Below you’ll find some need-to-know information for creating this paradise for your four-legged friend.

How High Should a Dog Fence Be?

Your dog fence should be sufficiently high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over and escaping from your yard. A standard 6-foot-high fence is generally a good choice, although you can probably make do with a 4-foot-high option if your dog is a small to medium-sized breed. You can also add a section to the top of your fence that tilts forward, such as an L-footer or lean-in, to deter your furry friend from running off.

Best Materials for Dog Fences

Several materials are suitable for dog fencing. These materials include:

  • Wood: Wood dog fences are ideal for dogs who tend to growl or bark at passersby since they conceal activity beyond the fence from your dog’s vision. Most wood fences are tall enough to keep dogs from jumping over in search of a neighborhood adventure.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl fences are super durable and five times stronger than wood. For this reason, they last a lot longer. They are more flexible than wood and can withstand more force, making them a good option for containing large breed dogs with tendencies toward jumping.

  • Chain link: Chain link dog fencing is low-maintenance and affordable. Keep in mind that they allow your dog to see everything happening on the street, so they may not work well for overly excitable dogs. Chain link fences are a good choice for creating a dog run.

Keeping Your Dog Secure

Fences are beneficial for both dog owners and property owners. Obviously, allowing your dog to run off-leash in your fenced-in yard makes life a whole lot easier for both of you. Keeping your dog secure not only helps him avoid injury or even death but also provides a hedge for you from liability if your dog should bite or even attack someone.

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