How Do I Protect My Wooden Fence from Termites?

Wood fencing is a terrific option for homes that offers natural beauty while also giving you privacy from your neighbors. These fences will often last for decades with proper care and maintenance; however, a termite infestation can be a significant problem if you fail to take care of your fence.

Here are a few simple ways you can protect your NJ home’s wooden fence against termites.

Check Your Fence Often

One way to stay proactive is to check your fence on a regular basis. Any small holes or damaged areas are a sign that you may have a termite problem. Fortunately, you can often limit the damage of termites if you spot these signs early on before they get worse over time.

Remove Mulch

Mulch is a favorite source of food for termites. When it’s nearby, mulch makes it easy for termites to reach your wooden fence and cause significant damages. One way to avoid this common problem is to use landscape rock around your fence instead of mulch. Landscape rock will also last forever, while more mulch needs to be added each year.

Treat Your Fence

Regularly treating your fence is another way to protect it against termites. You can use an oil-based stain or even invest in termite-resistant paint. Spraying pesticides also works well if you don’t want to paint your wooden fence.

Clear Nearby Wood

Removing nearby wood is also critical in reducing the chance of a termite infestation. Stacks of firewood or a tree stump can easily attract termites if it’s too close to your fence. It’s typically a good idea to keep any type of wood at least a few feet away to avoid attracting termites.

Reduce Sources of Moisture

Standing water in your yard creates the perfect environment for termites. By adding topsoil to low areas in your lawn, you can help reduce standing water. You may also need to reach out to a landscaper to re-grade your yard to avoid any drainage problems.

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